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Anti-Racism Ads

Anti-Racism Ads
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  1. How typical of those who whimper about racism cannot see the irony (or should I say hypocrisy) featured in some of these ads. The one featuring the white child who isn’t touching the black pieces of candy (I assume that’s what it is) suggests that racism is something only perpetuated and practised by white people – something which I find highly racist. Another features a row of paper figures, and it’s the white one which is refusing to hold the hand of the black figure – again the suggestion being that white people are wholly to blame for racism and, because they are white, the only ones who practise it. The next piece of hypocrisy asks racists to pick the white packet of blood out of those featured. Shall I go on? It is indeed true that anti-racist really means anti-white. What else can you call people whose mindset blames white people solely for a condition that affects the whole of human-kind, not just white people. The fact that such a mindset is racist doesn’t seem to occur to them – though it probably does and they don’t care anyway. This is how mentally deranged such people are in convincing themselves that they can be anti-racist and anti-white in equal measure, yet not see the hypocrisy of that viewpoint. Anti-white, racist hypocrites.

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