A significant percentage of people begin their search for information by going to the internet and searching. This is why it is important for a company, business or brand to have an online presence. Not having one is a recipe for a poor market strategy which will lead to poor sales of a product or service. Hence part of the marketing strategy for any company, business or brand should be to have SEO – search engine optimization strategies in place. To achieve this one can hire an SEO company to provide the services.

Such companies come up with strategies that will help their clients get an online presence, be visible and communicate the relevant information that clients are looking for. This will, in turn, increase sales for the company. If one needs to hire such a company, here are some tips.

Hiring an SEO company

Know what you want

It is important that one determines what role they want the SEO company to do. Why are you hiring the company, how will you measure the work they have done. A bit of research needs to be done here to establish what one goals are.

seo services

• Do you want an audit of your companies online presence that will help determine the next step?
• Are you looking to build a new website or redesign your existing one to make it easily navigatable and convey the relevant information?
• Are you looking to set up quality content and have keywords that can be found by search engines that will market your business or brand and build links that direct people to your website?
• Do you want ongoing SEO services that will continue to increase your ranking and make your brand visible?


Look at the experience of the company

In the SEO industry experience is vital. One needs to hire a company that has the skill and ability to deliver results. This comes with experience, hence find out how long the company has been in operation. This brings an assurance of the skill and knowledge that the SEO company is able to deliver.

Look at the portfolio of work

Ask the company to see a sample of work they have done in the past. Request for those projects that are similar to your industry. This will help one better evaluate what the company can deliver. Seek to find out the strategies that were employed and what the results were.

Communication and reports

An important aspect when hiring an SEO company is to find out how they will be communicating and giving updates on work being done. Get to know the reporting process and what to expect.


Finally, one needs to factor the cost of the service. This will vary from one company to another. Some will charge a flat rate while others will have a per project fee. When making a decision consider the quality of work one will receive, the reputation of the company together with the rate of the project.